by Bruce Campbell Adamson
W.H. Whitecar and Mrs. Sidney Drew holding hat and Sidney Drew Act I of "Keep Her Smiling"

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew. Mrs. Drew's maiden name was Gladys Rankin. Her sister was Phyllis Rankin who married Harry Davenport the brother of Fanny and the son of E.L. Davenport. The Davenport's were also a reknown family and through marriage were inter-connected to the Drew and Barrymore families.

Mrs. Drew and Sidney Drew "Henry You're going to have a mansion on the terrace. The consolidation has gone through, I'm in the directorate and my salary has tripled." 1918 from Keep Her Smiling." This is Sidney Rankin Drew, son of Sidney Drew, who was killed while flying his aeroplane over the German lines in France. 1918.