Ethel Barrymore as the Spirit of Equity carries high the scales of justice a radiant and living symbol. Ethel Barrymore as Camille. She has not wept with the unfortunate Lady of the Camellias, as she lies in bed on the eve of her dissolution.

Ethel Barrymore in the late 1890s after she left toe Philadelphia convent to join her uncle John Drew on the stage.  Ethel Barrymore as America "Unconditional Surrender." 1918.

Ethel Barrymore circa 1930 Ethel Barrymore-Colt with husband Russell Colt


Ethel Barrymore as Camille

Ethel Barrymore and her children. Sam Colt is her eldest, Ethel II and John Drew. Ethel said "These are my diamonds and rubies and pearls beyond price." Her happiest moments were spent at her home in Mamaroneck, N.Y. 
Ethel Barrymore in 1904.