Geogina Drew Barrymore

who resembles Ethel and Drew

Ethel Barrymore Colt and family.

Again, one can see the family resemblance.

Ethel Barrymore in 1925 -Shakespearean Repertory in association with Walter Hampden, as Ophelia in Hamlet. At Hampden's Theatre in N.Y.

Ethel Barrymore - 1926

Charles Frohman who once presented Ethel went down on the ship the Lusitania. Here we see Ethel getting ready for The Constant Wife, posthumously Frohman was again presenting Ethel Barrymore.

Ethel Barrymore Colt making her debute with mother in "Scarlet Sister Mary" 1930. Ethel Colt plays Seraphine while Ethel Barrymore plays Scarlet Sister Mary.