by Bruce Campbell Adamson
Miss Desmond Kelly & Ethel Barrymore scene from Her Sister at the Hudson Theater. 1908 Ethel in 1909 Lady Frederick after marriage to Samuel G. Colt
Charles Frohman play Leonard Ferris as Eric Maturin and Ethel as Zoe Bundell."Well, I'll go back to that Big Empty House." 1910 Ethel as Zoe Bundell and Theodore Bundell as Charles Dalton. "How Did I Learn My Damned Slang, Pray?" 1910
H. Reeves Smith as Hon. Peter Mottram II, "Ah, Drop it Peter! Drop it" Ethel Barrymore as the typist in "The Twelve Pound Look"
Eugene O'Brien and Ethel as "Rose" in "Telawny of the Wells" at Empire Theater Rose is surprise to see Arthur. Ethel Barrymore & E. Henry Edwards in "Tante" at Empire Theater