by Bruce Campbell Adamson
Lionel Barrymore 1902 acted in this play with uncle John Drew. Lionel made a big hit as the Organ-Grinder in
"The Mummy and the Humming Bird"
Lionel Barrymore 1906 as a Clown in the play "The Pantaloon"
Lionel Barrymore acted with his brother John in an Italian Drama "The Jest" Lionel was Neri Chiaramantesi while John was Giannetto -1919 Mrs. Lionel Barrymore 1922 (aka Mrs. Doris Rankin) who was also Lionel's aunt-by-marriage. Doris acted in support of her husband in "The Claw" and was expected to act next fall in new play.
Lionel Barrymore 1922 Ethel, Georgia, Lionel and John Barrymore