by Bruce Campbell Adamson
Act 1 Thomas Freeman (John Drew) "There should really be an eight hour day for the idle rich". Hassard Short is smoking cig and Isabel Irving is looking on. 1910 in play "Smith" at the Empire Theater. October 1913 Benedick (John Drew) and Beatrice (Laura Hope Crew) Act V. Scene 2 Benedick "They swore that you were almost sick for me." From play "Much Ado About Nothing," presented at Empire Theater.
Act II: Algy (Hassard Short) Jane Laurel, Morton Laurel, Morton Selten, Isabel Irving, John Drew and Sibyl Thorndike. Algy says: "I don't know any spectacle more entertaining than a quarrel between nearest and dearest." 1910 in play "Smith" at the Empire Theater. Much Ado About Nothing, a Comedy in five acts by William Shakespeare. Photo is from left to right, Laura Hope Cres, Bertram Marburgh, Mary Boland, John Drew, Henry Stephenson. Critics said of Drew: If he must act Shakespeare let it be that Messinian courtier and soldier, true embodiment of the perfect man of the world..."
John Drew 1914 The Prodigal Husband 1914 at Empire Theater. Michael (Mr. Drew) "Pearls--magnificent pearls." Also acting in this comedy was Helen Hayes Brown.