John D. Barrymore with Drew
2001 Santa Monica Mountains
Photograph by Michael Green. Long Lost Father, Adamson's uncle Harold Adamson wrote a song "It Isn't So Much That I Wouldn't" for the film of the same name Long Lost Father starring John Barrymore, Sr. in 1934. John, Jr. seen in the photo with Drew was only 2 years old in 1934.

Drew Blythe Barrymore 

Birth Feb 22, 1975 - Culver City, CA

Drew was born at Brotman Hospital in Culver City and since her parents separated before she was born Drew has learned to cope on her own. She once told The New York Times "I really have no idea of what growing up in a normal household is like." In 1984 Drew Barrymore gave a great performance in Firestarter, with George C. Scott. Drew took on the entire U.S. government and won in this film. I personally found Drew's performance more emotional in Firestarter than E.T. (A good friend M. Augustine was one of Steven Speilberg's closest friends in high school). In Firestarter everyone worried for Charlie's: (Drew) safety.Kissed. Drew is great in light romantic comedies. Just like her ancestor Miss Lane who came from England in early 1800s.

JOSIE GELLER is that You! Naw, this is a great-aunt Ethel Barrymore 1914. Drew looks to be Reincarnated!

  •  Best Supporting Actress (nom)  Irreconcilable Differences  1984  Golden Globe